About EV Belgium

EV Belgium is the representative federation working on the development of the market for zero emission mobility in Belgium.

EV Belgium wants to accelerate the deployment of zero emission vehicles by uniting the suppliers of products and services in this segment with the users of electric vehicles. EV Belgium will develop tools for this purpose, build and share knowledge. By offering these tools and knowledge, EV Belgium wants to work on qualitative services and products, such as charging and energy solutions.

Next to the EV drivers there are the sector members of EV Belgium. They are mainly active as carmaker (OEM), CPO (charge point operator), MSP (mobility service provider), installation company, consultant, leasing company, ... View the list of members on this page.


The following working groups are active or under development. These working groups meet periodically in joint consultation with the participating members and report to the Governing Body. Interested members can apply through the Secretariat. Besides preparing answers to external questions (drafting position papers, technical advice), the working groups also offer ideal moments for members to exchange knowledge and network.

Working group Policy Flanders/Federal (Jochen De Smet)
Workgroup Policy Brussels/Wallonia (TB)
Working group CPO/MSP (Hugues Dhaeyer and Bart Massin)
Working Group Public Charging (tbc)
Working Group EV Drivers (Wim Broos and Philippe Van Der Gucht)
Working group OEM (tbc)
Working group Academy (Steven Leeten)
The governing body consists of:

Jochen De Smet (Chairman), Bart Massin (Vice-Chairman), Philippe Vangeel (Secretary), Hugues Dhaeyer, Steven Leeten, An De Pauw, Peter Van den Bossche, Daniel Kedzierski, Nicolas Paris, Wim Broos and Philippe Van Der Gucht.

The governing body meets monthly. In addition to operational matters concerning the association itself, the work of the working groups is reviewed and discussed. Finally, attention is also paid to new questions, challenges and projects. The functioning of the board is informed in the monthly newsletter


In addition to the public website, a Members' Newsletter is sent out monthly with information from the board meeting and the working groups, news from and about members and broad information about the sector. If necessary, digital newsflashes are sent to the members in between.

Finally, since June, an EV Belgium Update has been given by the Board every 2nd Friday (8.30-9.30) of the month. This is an informal online member meeting accessible to all members.


EV Belgium is a member of AVERE EUROPE (board member An Depauw is vice-chairman and board member Philippe Vangeel is secretary general of AVERE EUROPE).

EV Belgium has a separate section in the magazine Eco-Mobiel.

EV Belgium has a cooperation with Eco-Movement for providing data on charging infrastructure.