Charte 2021


  1. EV Belgium wants to accelerate the rollout of zero emission mobility by uniting the suppliers of products and services in this segment with their users. For this purpose, EV Belgium will build knowledge and develop tools for its members. By offering these tools and knowledge, AVERE Belgium wants to work on further awareness-rising and on quality services and products, such as charging and energy solutions.
  2. The members of EV Belgium shall at all times act in a collegial, ethical and honest way and refrain from activities that could harm the reputation of EV Belgium and zero emission mobility.
  3. The members of EV Belgium are companies, organisations and professionals who work on, develop or deploy zero emission technology. As effective members, they have a vote in the General Assembly.
  4. Companies and organisations that are in the process of making the switch to zero emissions can also become members, albeit as adherent members (without a vote in the General Assembly). EV Belgium will not organise specific activities (activities, training, promotion, representation of interests) about or for the benefit of non-zero emission technology.
  5. Users of zero emission mobility can also become members as affiliated members. A separate membership fee and membership offer will be provided for this.
  6. EV Belgium respects all applicable legislation and sees to it in particular that the legislation concerning economic competition within the organisation is respected by the members, customers, suppliers and employees.
  7. All members of EV Belgium subscribe to this Charter at the beginning of their membership and confirm their commitment annually by paying for the renewal of their membership.

(Accepted by the Board of Directors of AVERE Belgium on 14/07/2020 and confirmed by the General Assembly on 8/6/2021)