Over EVS38 Gothenburg

EVS38 Gothenburg


Electric Vehicle Symposium 38

The global event of e-mobility is returning to Europe in 2025 – be there with us!

Following a successful show in Seoul, EVS 38 will be hosted by another pioneering city – Gothenburg!

From 15 – 18 June 2025, the Swedish automotive capital will welcome you to an exciting conference where innovation meets next-level transportation!

What does it mean to be part of the world of electromobility? For one, there is a dynamic market, for another, there is a new sense of urgency for increased sustainability, and lastly, there is a challenging legislative environment. As members of this ever-changing sector, we have truly grasped the concept of being the driving force for meaningful change. We stand for transformation, decarbonisation, and innovation—a pole position we can be proud of.

As AVERE—the European Association for Electromobility—we have been part of this journey and its challenges for many editions as organizers. However, our passion for overcoming these challenges is indeed great, so we are incredibly excited to welcome the electromobility community in Europe once again for EVS.

Attracting global industry leaders, showcasing the latest technologies and infrastructure solutions, hosting high-level discussions, and providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, it also promotes research while raising public awareness and education on the role of EVs in sustainable goals.

 After an immensely successful event in Oslo for EVS35, we now head to another country that highlights EV advancement: Sweden. And what better place to organize our home event than the domestic automotive hotspot—Gothenburg?

In June 2025, the Nordic city will host EVS38, expecting more than 10,000 visitors. Participants encompass many sectors, from stakeholders and industry representatives to policymakers and associations to academics, researchers, and EV users. Over four days, we expect and encourage fruitful discussions, valuable networking, broadening of horizons and learning opportunities. Let’s see together how far electromobility, our sector, has come and find new opportunities to bring it forward.

As President of AVERE, it is my pleasure to join forces with Business Region Göteborg and Göteborg &Co to bring you an event that will bring together different European cities, regions, and countries while taking it to the global level.”

Why EVS38?

EVS is recognized as the longest-running premier showcase devoted to electric transportation, technologies, and industry innovation. Opting for a comprehensive EVS partnership package that includes speakership, branding visibility, and exhibition goes beyond a traditional exhibitor role. It allows companies to establish thought leadership, gain global recognition, and engage with the audience at various levels, contributing to a more strategic and impactful presence at the event.

Why Gothenburg?

As a superstar of sustainability, Gothenburg is home to innovative mobility and transport companies, along with a complete value chain in e-mobility and is dedicated to making the city emission-free through incentives such as Gothenburg Green City Zone.

From stakeholders and industry representatives to policymakers and associations, over to academics, researchers, and EV users – all will gather in Gothenburg for success stories, best practices, networking, and sharing of ideas.

Stay tuned for more information on this major e-mobility event, we hope to welcome you in Gothenburg!

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